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After the last news item, a lot of work was invested on 
http://perl-begin.org/ , the Perl Beginners' Site. making
it even better than it used to be. Here's a summary of the changes:

* A testimonials page ( http://perl-begin.org/learn/who-is-using/ )
was added, with some honest-to-God testimonial quotes which are now featured in
the Testimonials side-bar.

* There's a new IDEs and
tools page:

http://perl-begin.org/IDEs-and-tools/ , featuring some Integrated Development 

* There's a new page sporting links to collections of blogs.

* Several new topical pages were added:

* * Perl and Databases

* * GUI Development in Perl

* * Perl for XML Processing

* * Debugging

* * Object-oriented Programming in Perl

* * Using CPAN

* A ShareThis ( http://sharethis.com/ ) button was added to the
bottom of every page for easy bookmarking and sharing.

* Many writing errors (spelling, grammar, syntax, phrasing, etc.) have been
corrected by Alan Haggai Alavi ( http://alanhaggai.org/ ). He
seems to have a good eye for catching such problems, and I am indebted to

* Corrected several broken links including those to Ovid's CGI course.


We hope you enjoy the new Perl Beginners' Site and please recommend it
to your friends.