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<latemp_subject "Perl Core Documentation" />

<h2>Online Documentation</h2>

<a href="">Perldoc</a> - contains a searchable index
for the core perl documentation.

<a href="">French version of the Perl
Manual</a> - a bit out-of-date, but still very pertinent for beginners.


<h3><a href="">Programming Perl, 3rd 

The Bible of Perl. Makes an easier and more organized read than the online
core documentation, and provides explanation for every last nuance of the 
Perl language. Also contains a lot of jokes and Perl musings, and an 
introduction to the culture behind Perl.

Not recommended as an introducory Perl book, but still makes a very good read 
after the language is learned to a working extent.

<h3><a href="">The Perl Cookbook</a></h3>

A book that contains a long list of code snippets for achieving certain tasks 
in Perl, with some discussion on how they work and how to customize them.
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