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<title>Call for Action: Spread the Perl Beginners Site!</title>
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<h1>Call for Action: Spread the Perl Beginners Site!</h1>

<a href="http://perl-begin.org/">The Perl Beginners Site</a> (or
Perl-Begin for short) is most likely the best resource for Perl beginners
on the Internet, concentrating many links to the best and most
recommended resources about Perl 5 online and offline, while taking into
account <a href="http://www.modernperlbooks.com/">Modern Perl</a> and its
best practices. It has been a labour of love for seven years, and has been
constantly improved and updated. However, it received too little Internet
recognition and Search Engine prominence, and for that I'm calling you:
help <b>spread the Perl Beginners Site</b>.