perl-begin / lib / latemp / themes / perl-begin-1 / template.wml

<latemp_init_h_w_navmenu object_class="HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::HeaderRole" />

<latemp_html_header standard="xhtml1.0-strict" />
<latemp_html_head_tag />

<table summary="Layout Table: The first cell contains a navigation bar, the second the main page" border="0" width="99%">
<td valign="top" class="navbar" style="width:20%">

<:{ print join("\n", @$nav_html); }:>

<define-tag validhtml>
<a href=";id=0&amp;t=70"><img 
   style="margin-top:1em; border:0;" alt="Get Firefox!" 
   title="Get Firefox! A safer, faster, better web-browser." 
   src="$(ROOT)/images/get-firefox.gif" /></a>
<a href=""><img 
    style="border:0" src="" 
         alt="Valid XHTML 1.0!"
 <a href="$(LATEMP_FILENAME)"><img style="border:0"
       alt="Valid CSS!" /></a>

<validhtml />

<td valign="top" class="main">

<hr />
<b>Webmaster:</b> <a href="">Shlomi Fish -</a>


#   per default we are in body