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<latemp_subject "Web Forums" />

<h2><a href="">Perl Monks</a></h2>

The premiere web forum for Perl people. It's in English, and offers
many interesting categories. Complete archive of all past discussions
is available.

<h2><a href="">Stack Overflow</a></h2>

A free-of-charge and high-quality Questions and Answers board which allows
one to post questions and receive answers, or alternatively answer other
people's questions. There's an active 
<a href="">perl 
category</a> there.

<h2><a href="">use Perl; (</a></h2>

A News site and a central blogs site for the Perl community. Uses the same
Perl-based and open-source engine as Slashdot, but tends to be much more
civil. Complete archive of all past discussions is available.

<h2><a href="">The Perl Community on 

A low-volume forum, but one that attracted many experts,
and can offer a lot of good advice.

<h2>Localised Forums</h2>

<h3><a href=";file=viewforum&amp;f=23">Whatsup's Hebrew Programming Forum</a></h3>

A forum in Hebrew hosted on the <a href=""> Israeli Linux Portal</a>.