perl-begin / lib / PerlBegin /

package PerlBegin::TopicsExamples;

use strict;
use warnings;

use MooX 'late';

use CGI ();
use Text::VimColor;

has 'id_base' => (isa => 'Str', is => 'ro');
has 'examples' => (isa => 'ArrayRef[HashRef]', is => 'ro');

sub render
    my $self = shift;

    my $ret_string = '';

    my @lis;
    my @codes;

    foreach my $ex_spec (@{$self->examples})
        my $id = $self->id_base . '__' . $ex_spec->{id};
        my $label = $ex_spec->{label};
        my $pre_code = $ex_spec->{code};

        my $esc_id = CGI::escapeHTML($id);
        my $esc_label = CGI::escapeHTML($label);

        my $code = <<"EOF";

use strict;
use warnings;


        my $tvc = Text::VimColor->new(
            string => \$s,
            filetype => 'perl',

        push @lis, qq[<li><a href="#$esc_id">$esc_label</a></li>\n];
        push @codes, qq|<div id="$esc_id"><pre class="perl">\n|
            . ($tvc->html() =~ s{(class=")syn}{$1}gr)
            . qq|\n</pre>\n</div>|;

        qq{<div class="tabs">\n}
            . qq{<ul>\n}
                . join("\n", @lis)
            . qq{\n</ul>\n}
            . join("\n", @codes) .

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