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<h2 id="overview">Overview</h2>

An <a href="">electronic
mailing list</a> is a way to send E-mail messages to several people using
a single, convenient, E-mail address. One can subscribe to a mailing list to
receive messages that the other people have sent. More information can be
found in <a href="">the
wikipedia page</a>.

Generally, your local Perl Mongers mailing list is considered a good place
to ask <b>any</b> perl questions including beginners one. Refer to the <a
href="">Perl Mongers International homepage</a> for <a
href="">a list of them</a>. If you can't find one in
your area, then any PM list you join will be OK, as its members will accept you
there. Perl Mongers are united world-wide in their love for Perl and their
burning desire to get more people to know it and use it as well.

Otherwise, you may consider joining one of the mailing lists listed here,
which have a more international focus.

<h2 id="resources">Resources of Interest</h2>

<h3 id="perl-5-wiki-list"><a href="">List
of Mailing Lists on the Perl 5 Wiki</a></h3>

A comprehensive list of the Perl mailing lists, that is under active

<h3 id="perl-mailing-list-db"><a href="" rel="nofollow">The
Perl Mailing List Database</a></h3>

An out-of-date list of the Perl mailing lists worldwide. Some of them are
for specific Perl technologies and not directly related to "core" or
"general use" Perl functionality.

<h3 id="yahoogroups-list"><a href="">Yahoo Groups Perl Lists</a></h3>

Many international Perl groups on many topics. Including some on very
specific Perl technologies.

<h2 id="beginners-mailing-lists">Perl Beginners Mailing Lists</h2>

<h3 id="learn-perl-org"><a href="">’s Beginners Mailing List</a></h3>

A mailing lists for beginners. Moderate volume.

<h3 id="yahoogroups-perl-beginner"><a href="">Yahoo Groups Perl-Beginner Mailing List</a></h3>

An international mailing list for beginners in English.

<h3 id="spanish-mailing-list"><a href="">Spanish-Speaking Mailing List</a></h3>

This mailing list has many beginners and several gurus that can help them.
It accepts beginners' questions, but every now and then there are higher level
talks (which beginners may be able to benefit from). The discussions are held
in Spanish.

<h3 id="insert-your-own">Insert your Mailing List Here</h3>

Do you have a Perl mailing list for beginners? If not, do you wish to
start one? Let us know and we'll link to it from here. The more the better.

<define-tag defunct>
<a href="">Our
Own Mailing List</a>

<h3 id="perl-begin-mailing-list">Our Own Mailing List</h3>

We used to have our own mailing list for beginners, but it did not prove
popular and now <a href="#learn-perl-org">the mailing list</a>
is preferable.