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perl-begin / docs / more-updates-2009-08-03.txt

I thought the Perl Beginners' Site - http://perl-begin.org/ 
was perfect after the last update, but boy I was wrong. A quick review and 
critique of the site by a certain prominent Perl developer revealed many
issues with it, and afterwards I had found stuff that I found lacking. So 
here's what has changed.

We're now mirroring the public domain "Perl for Newbies" tutorial on
http://perl-begin.org/tutorials/perl-for-newbies/ as well as the GFDLed book
"Impatient Perl" by Greg London ( http://www.greglondon.com/ ). Their
presence on the site was done in order to preserve Perl-Begin's common look 
and feel, and to make sure people would be able to access them without
having to go to a different site, which may be blocked by over-zealous
web-filters. We hope to mirror other freely distributable material that
may prove useful to beginners on Perl-Begin in the future.

The "call-for-action" notice at the beginning was changed to 
"Learn Perl Now!" and now appears on all the pages.

We also fixed several look and style glitches.   

There are also several corrections to the text and the hyperlinks.

Stack Overflow was added to http://perl-begin.org/web-forums/ .

There are now mentionings of two new topical books at
http://perl-begin.org/books/topics/ - 
"Perl & LWP" and "Programming the Perl DBI".

Finally, the "About this site" page at http://perl-begin.org/about.html 
was updated and made more modern.

We hope you enjoy the new site. If you like it, please recommend it to
your friends - if you don't - let us know and we'll see what we can do. Unless
mentioned otherwise, all the material on http://perl-begin.org/ is made
available under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC-by) for almost
unlimited distribution and re-use.