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#include '../template.wml'

<latemp_subject "Contribute to the Perl Beginners' Site" />

    We feel that the Perl Beginners' Site should be a community site
    instead of a centralized "Cathedral"-like site. Thus, the entire source
    code is available online and contributions from outsiders are welcome.
    There is a <a href="./list/">list of contributors</a>, so make sure
    your name appears there as soon as possible.

    Here are ways in which you can contribute to the site:

<h2>Contribute to the Wiki</h2>

<a href="<wiki:link />">The Wiki</a> is a portion of the site that can
be edited by anyone at any time. Feel free to add your own material there.

<h2>Join the Mailing List</h2>

By joining <a href="<mailing:list:link />">the mailing list</a>, you will 
receive questions by E-mail, which you can answer. (or alternatively be able
to ask your own)

<h2>Visit the Help Web Forum</h2>

The <a href="<web:forum:link />">Help Web Forum</a> is meant to help people
with their Perl problems. You can visit it if you have questions or would like
to help people with their problems.

<h2>Contribute to the Core Site</h2>

You can send patches or corrections to the HTML pages of the site. It is 
preferable to send corrections to the <a href="$(ROOT)/source/">site's Web 
Meta Language source</a>, because they can be applied immediately.
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