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<h2><a href="">Mailing List</a></h2>

Ask questions and receive answers by E-mail. Very convenient and instructive.
One can find other mailing lists in our 
<a href="$(ROOT)/mailing-lists/">mailing lists</a> section.

<h2><a href="<wiki:link />">Wiki</a></h2>

This is a portion of the site in which anyone can edit any page. It aims
to eventually become a good reference for Perl beginners.

<h2><a href="">Web Forum</a></h2>

A place to put messages on the web and check them. Note that I'm not entirely
happy with its implementation and am working on a new forum framework that 
emulates the <a href="">Joel on Software</a> 
forums. (I will gladly send you the code or accept contributions)