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<h2 id="about">About</h2>

Welcome to the Perl Beginners' Site. The mission of is to
provide Perl newcomers with the most high-quality and accessible material
and references for learning the Perl programming language as easily, as
accurately and as efficiently as possible.

This site provides links and references to on-line and off-line material
that can be used to learn Perl. This site is directed both at people who
learn Perl after knowing one or more languages, or at people who are
learning Perl as their first language.

<h2 id="revamp">Site Revamp</h2>

Recently (as of 26-March-2007), this site has seen a huge revamp. Its look
and feel has been changed to one based on
<a href="">an Open Source
Web-Design design</a>, and later on its contents were made more accessible,
and more in accordance to
<a href="">some
good marketing advice</a>.

Our agenda now is to finish the content revamp and then start
publicizing this site better. With the endorsement of the people of
<a href="">the Perl Foundation</a>, this site
may hopefully gain a more official status.
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