perl-begin / src / source / index.html.wml

#include '../template.wml'

<latemp_subject "Site's Source Code" />

This site is a static HTML site written in
<a href="">Web Meta Language</a> and 
<a href="">Latemp</a>. Its 
source code (that requires WML, Latemp, 
<a href="">GNU 
make</a>, <a href="">GNU 
bash</a> and a GNU system to be built) can be found in its version control

<h2>Version Control Repository</h2>

The most up-to-date source code for this site is now hosted in 
<a href="">its own
Subversion repository</a>. If you know how to use 
<a href="">Subversion</a>, you can use it to
contribute to it more easily. If not, then
<a href="">learning how to use it</a>
will be well worth your time any way you look at it.
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