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File Catalyst-Plugin-SanitizeUrl/Changes

 Revision history for Perl extension Catalyst::Plugin::SanitizeUrl.
+    - Converted to Build.PL.
+        - Added a license field.
+        - shortened the abstract in lib/Catalyst/Plugin/
+        - fixed the POD for lib/Catalyst/Plugin/SanitizeUrl/
 0.2.0   Tue 05 May 2005
     - First release.

File Catalyst-Plugin-SanitizeUrl/lib/Catalyst/Plugin/SanitizeUrl/

 our $VERSION = '0.2.0';
-=head1 Catalyst::Plugin::SanitizeUrl::PrepAction 
+=head1 NAME
-A class to abstract functionality out of the prepare_action method.
+Catalyst::Plugin::SanitizeUrl::PrepAction  - A class to abstract functionality 
+out of the prepare_action method.
-=item $c->get_action_path
+=head1 SYNOPSIS
+For internal use by L<Catalyst::Plugin::SanitizeUrl> .
+=head2 $c->get_action_path
 Calculate the path components for the action. Returns an array reference
 containing the 
 sub get_action_path {
     return [ split /\//, $c->req->path ];
-=item $c->prepare_action
+=head2 $c->prepare_action
 Prepare action. This function is nearly identical to the one in
 with the only difference is the extraction of the get_action_path() 
       if ( $c->debug && @args );
+=head1 SEE ALSO
 =head1 AUTHOR
 Sebastian Riedel, C<>
-Modified by Shlomi Fish, C<>
+Modified by Shlomi Fish, C<> (All rights disclaimed).
 =head1 LICENSE

File Catalyst-Plugin-SanitizeUrl/t/02pod.t

 eval "use Test::Pod 1.14";
 plan skip_all => 'Test::Pod 1.14 required' if $@;
-plan skip_all => 'set TEST_POD to enable this test' unless $ENV{TEST_POD};