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 The original code was written by Scott Hutton.
 Then handled for a time by Rich Bowen (thanks!),
-It is now managed by Jeremy Wadsack,
+and was later managed by Jeremy Wadsack (thanks!),
+and now is managed by Shlomi Fish ( L<> )
 with many contributions from various other people.
 In particular, special thanks go to (in roughly chronological order):
 If you want someone to bug about this, that would be:
-    Jeremy Wadsack <dgsupport at wadsack-allen dot com>
+    Shlomi Fish <>
 If you want more information, or want to participate, go to:
-Please send bug reports to
+Please submit bug reports using the Request Tracker interface at
+L<> .
 Development discussion occurs on the mailing list, which you can subscribe