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Add an "=encoding" directive to fix broken tests.

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+* Add "=encoding utf8" to the POD of lib/Config/
+    - The POD contained wide characters and it is now an error in
+    with recent Test::Pod and Pod::Simple. 
+    - See for example:
 Version 2.74    ( Thu May 24 00:46:37 IDT 2012 )


 #   $Header: /home/shlomi/progs/perl/cpan/Config/IniFiles/config-inifiles-cvsbackup/config-inifiles/,v 2.41 2003-12-08 10:50:56 domq Exp $
+=encoding utf8
 =head1 NAME
 Config::IniFiles - A module for reading .ini-style configuration files.
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