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Add the warning that the module is no longer recommended.

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   - Mentioned the lack of compatibility of "use Error qw(:try)" with Moose.
   - Added TryCatch and Try::Tiny to the "SEE ALSO".
+  - Add the WARNING that this module is no longer recommended.
 Jul 19 2008 <> (Shlomi Fish)

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 Error - Error/exception handling in an OO-ish way
+=head1 WARNING
+Using the "Error" module is B<no longer recommended> due to the black-magical
+nature of its syntactic sugar, which often tends to break. Its maintainers 
+have stopped actively writing code that uses it, and discourage people
+from doing so. See the "SEE ALSO" section below for better recommendations.
 =head1 SYNOPSIS
     use Error qw(:try);