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Revision history for File-Dir-Dumper

0.0.7   Wed Jun 30 20:09:13 IDT 2010
        - Hopefully fixed the tests (and functionality) on Windows by
        using getpwent only on Unix systems.
            - Thanks to Devel-CheckOS.

0.0.6   Sun Jun 28 10:36:56 IDT 2009
        - Added resources and keywords to the META.yml.

0.0.5   Thu Nov 13 12:12:06 IST 2008
        - Fixed dumper.t to resolve this test problem:
            - the GID was setgid'ed or something.

0.0.4   Mon Nov 10 19:33:03 IST 2008
        - In 'build_requires' - changed IO::Scalar (which we're not
        using in the tests) to IO::String (which we do).
        - added the --help flag and the man page to dir-dump.
        - added some links to "SEE ALSO".

0.0.3   Thu Nov  6 11:06:06 IST 2008
        - Added more dependencies to the Build.PL, including the up-to-date
        version of Getopt::Long, with GetOptionsFromArray.

0.0.2   Mon Nov  3 14:25:03 IST 2008
        - Fixed the ::App module - it didn't "use" JSON::Writer.
        - Added a test script for the ::App module.

0.0.1   Mon Nov  3 08:20:10 IST 2008
        First version
            - doesn't handle symbolic links.
            - documentation:
                - dir-dump -o to-file.txt $dir_to_dump
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