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-README for File::Find::Rule 0.30
+README for File::Find::Object::Rule
 =head1 NAME
-File::Find::Rule - Alternative interface to File::Find
+File::Find::Object::Rule - Alternative interface to File::Find::Object
 =head1 SYNOPSIS
-  use File::Find::Rule;
+  use File::Find::Object::Rule;
   # find all the subdirectories of a given directory
-  my @subdirs = File::Find::Rule->directory->in( $directory );
+  my @subdirs = File::Find::Object::Rule->directory->in( $directory );
   # find all the .pm files in @INC
-  my @files = File::Find::Rule->file()
+  my @files = File::Find::Object::Rule->file()
                               ->name( '*.pm' )
                               ->in( @INC );
   # as above, but without method chaining
-  my $rule =  File::Find::Rule->new;
+  my $rule =  File::Find::Object::Rule->new;
   $rule->name( '*.pm' );
   my @files = $rule->in( @INC );
 This module has external dependencies on the following modules:
- File::Find
+ File::Find::Object
  perl Build install
-=head1 HISTORY
+=head1 AUTHOR
-What changed over the last 3 revisions
-=item 0.30 Wednesday 1st June, 2006
-	Made './//././././///.//././/////./blah' be treated the same 
-        as './blah' (it gets turned into 'blah')
-=item 0.29 Tuesday 16th May, 2006
-	Kludged around {min,max}depth and trailing slashes in path
-	names.
-=item 0.28 Tuesday 18th May, 2004
-	exposed %X_tests and @stat_tests as package variables, and make a
-	_call_find method for File::Find::Rule::Filesys::Virtual
-=head1 AUTHOR
+=head2 File::Find::Rule
 Richard Clamp <> with input gained from this
 use.perl discussion:
 Additional proofreading and input provided by Kake, Greg McCarroll,
 and Andy Lester
+=head2 File::Find::Object::Rule
+Shlomi Fish converted the code to use L<File::Find::Object> instead. All
+copyrights disclaimed.
 Copyright (C) 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006 Richard Clamp.  All Rights Reserved.
 =head1 SEE ALSO
-L<File::Find>, L<Text::Glob>, L<Number::Compare>, find(1)
+L<File::Find::Object>, L<Text::Glob>, L<Number::Compare>, 
+L<File::Find::Object::Rule>, find(1)
 If you want to know about the procedural interface, see
-L<File::Find::Rule::Procedural>, and if you have an idea for a neat
-extension L<File::Find::Rule::Extending>
+L<File::Find::Object::Rule::Procedural>, and if you have an idea for a neat
+extension L<File::Find::Object::Rule::Extending>
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