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Got minifind to work.

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+static void file_finder_calc_default_actions(file_finder_t * self);
 int file_find_new(file_find_handle_t * * output_handle, const char * first_target)
     file_finder_t * self = NULL;
     *output_handle = (file_find_handle_t *)self;
+    file_finder_calc_default_actions(self);
     return FILE_FIND_OK;
                 goto cleanup;
-            else if (local_status == FILEFIND_STATUS_END)
+            else if (local_status == FILEFIND_STATUS_OK)
-                total_status = FILEFIND_STATUS_OK;
+                total_status = FILEFIND_STATUS_END;
-            else /* (local_status == FILEFIND_STATUS_OK) */
+            else /* (local_status == FILEFIND_STATUS_END) */
                 total_status = file_finder_me_die(self);
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