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Various changes to the POD before release and added files to the svn:ignore.

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 #       $Id: /mirror/lab/perl/File-Find-Rule/lib/File/Find/Rule.pm 2102 2006-06-01T15:39:03.942922Z richardc  $
 package File::Find::Object::Rule;
 use strict;
+use warnings;
 use vars qw/$VERSION $AUTOLOAD/;
 use File::Spec;
 use Text::Glob 'glob_to_regex';
-File::Find::Object::Rule is a friendlier interface to File::Find::Object.  It allows
-you to build rules which specify the desired files and directories.
+File::Find::Object::Rule is a friendlier interface to L<File::Find::Object> .
+It allows you to build rules which specify the desired files and directories.
+B<WARNING> : This module is a fork of version 0.30 of L<File::Find::Rule> 
+(which has been unmaintained for several years as of February, 2009), and may 
+still have some bugs due to its reliance on File::Find'isms. As such it is 
+considered Alpha software. Please report any problems with 
+L<File::Find::Object::Rule> to its RT CPAN Queue. 
 Additional proofreading and input provided by Kake, Greg McCarroll,
 and Andy Lester andy@petdance.com.
+Ported to use L<File::Find::Object> as File::Find::Object::Rule by
+Shlomi Fish.
 Copyright (C) 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006 Richard Clamp.  All Rights Reserved.
 =head1 SEE ALSO
-L<File::Find>, L<Text::Glob>, L<Number::Compare>, find(1)
+L<File::Find::Object>, L<Text::Glob>, L<Number::Compare>, find(1)
 If you want to know about the procedural interface, see
 L<File::Find::Object::Rule::Procedural>, and if you have an idea for a neat
 extension L<File::Find::Object::Rule::Extending>
+=head1 KNOWN BUGS
+The tests don't run successfully when directly inside a Subversion checkout,
+due to the presence of C<.svn> directories. C<./Build disttest> or
+C<./Build distruntest> run fine.
+=begin Developers
 Implementation notes:
 [0] Currently we use an array of anonymous subs, and call those
 Maybe the best way is to treat C<_> as invalid after calling an exec,
 and doc that C<_> will only be meaningful after stat and -X tests if
 they're wanted in exec blocks.
+=end Developers