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Add configure_requires and Changes.

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     module_name => "File::Find::Object::Rule",
     license     => 'perl',
     script_files => [ 'scripts/findorule' ],
+    configure_requires => {
+        'Module::Build' => '0.36',
+    },
     requires    => {
         'Carp'               => 0,
         'Class::XSAccessor'  => 0,


 ChangeLog for File-Find-Object-Rule:
+0.0302      Tue 25 Dec 22:35:01 IST 2012
     - Update the repository URL.
+    - Link to the Path::Class::Rule overview of directory traversal
+    modules on the POD.
+    - The “Evil Reindeer Evil Christmas Evil Conspiracy” Release. ;-)
 0.0301      Mon Apr 23 10:31:45 IDT 2012
     - Made ->start() return itself. Bug was reported here:
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