Anonymous committed ba01b41

Changed ->extras() to Class::XSAccessor.

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 use Class::XSAccessor
     accessors => {
+        "extras" => "extras",
         "finder" => "finder",
         "_match_cb" => "_match_cb",
         "rules" => "rules",
-for my $setter (qw( maxdepth mindepth extras )) {
+for my $setter (qw( maxdepth mindepth )) {
     my $sub = sub {
         my $self = _force_object shift;
         $self->{$setter} = shift;
 sub _call_find {
     my $self = shift;
-    my $params = shift;
-    my @paths = @_;
+    my $paths = shift;
-    my $finder = File::Find::Object->new( $params, @paths);
+    my $finder = File::Find::Object->new( $self->extras(), @$paths);
     my $callback = eval "$code" or die "compile error '$code' $@";
-    $self->_call_find( $self->{extras}, @paths);
+    $self->_call_find(\@paths);
     return 1;
     my $finder = $self->finder();
     my $match_cb = $self->_match_cb();
-    my $preproc_cb = $self->{'extras'}->{'preprocess'};
+    my $preproc_cb = $self->extras()->{'preprocess'};
     my $relative = $self->{relative};
     while(defined(my $next_obj = $finder->next_obj()))
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