Shlomi Fish avatar Shlomi Fish committed c041270

Tagging File-Find-Object-Rule/releases/0.0303

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 de72342b570a9b81fbcf3994f6727189c5f9d892 File-Find-Object-Rule-MMagic/releases/0.0.2
 ff6b54bf62dc99a100d96c73ef6f0af1ab62ca31 File-Find-Object-Rule/releases/0.0301
 881a0de4c6c89a3d257b6479827a180791e485ee File-Find-Object-Rule/releases/0.0302
+4c922e287ee81540f361f42618a8b4dbd030a51a File-Find-Object-Rule/releases/0.0303
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