perl-File-Find-Object / Makefile.PL

shl...@6f433eb9-… 5065fdd 
nana...@6f433eb9… 1f7b28f 

shl...@6f433eb9-… 5065fdd 
shl...@6f433eb9-… 4fce59e 

nana...@6f433eb9… 1f7b28f 
# $Id$

use ExtUtils::MakeMaker;

sub MY::postamble {
.PHONY: ChangeLog

	cvs2cl -W 400 -I ChangeLog --accum -U ../common/username
	rm -f *.bak


    NAME	 => 'File::Find::Object',
    VERSION_FROM => 'lib/File/Find/',
    PREREQ_PM =>
        'Class::Accessor' => 0,
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