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Updated the changes and bumped the version number.

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+0.0.4 - Wed Aug 23 00:31:39 IDT 2006
+    - Eliminated circular references. (Hopefully)
+        - Still have an isa relationship between File::Find::Object and
+        File::Find::Object::internal, which is what handles each recursed to
+        directory.
+    - Created some accessor functions instead of direct hash accesses.
 0.0.3 - Fri Jul 14 14:25:42 IDT 2006
     - Fixed some language problems in the POD.


 use File::Find::Object::internal;
-our $VERSION = '0.0.3';
+our $VERSION = '0.0.4';
 sub new {
     my ($class, $options, @files) = @_;
     return 1;
 =head1 NAME
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