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Optimized the nocrossfs() part.

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     was no longer used and needed.
     - Optimization: instead of calling File::Find::Object::Result->new()
     just bless to it.
+    - Optimization: now caching the filesystem device at
+    the top for nocrossfs().
+        - Plus: rearranged the order of the checks in
+        _non_top__check_subdir_helper
 0.1.7 - Thu Jan 15 16:09:49 IST 2009
     - Fixed the check-for-link and for directory semantics on Windows


+            $top->_dev($self->_dev);
             return 1;
+            _dev
 sub _non_top__check_subdir_helper {
     my $self = shift;
-    if ($self->_top_is_link() && !$self->followlink())
+    if (!$self->followlink() && $self->_top_is_link())
         return 0;
-    if (   $self->_top_stat->[0] != $self->_current_father->_dev()
-        && $self->nocrossfs()
+    if ($self->nocrossfs() 
+        && $self->_top_stat->[0] != $self->_dev()
         return 0;
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