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Added more POD, updated the Changes and bumped the version number. About
to release.

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+0.0.7 - Fri Feb  2 19:03:29 IST 2007
+    - moved the tree script under the examples directory.
+    - added the LICENSE section to the POD.
+    - added t/pod.t and t/pod-coverage.t and made sure the module
+      has full POD coverage.
+    - added a Build.PL build script to generate a better META.yml file.
+    - all of these are Kwalitee improvements.
+      ( )
+    - Added some links to the main POD documentation for similar modules
+      and for the Perl Advent article.
 0.0.6 - Tue Nov 28 15:49:23 IST 2006
     - Added the following new interface methods:
         - set_traverse_to


 use Carp;
-our $VERSION = '0.0.6';
+our $VERSION = '0.0.7';
 sub new {
     my ($class, $options, @targets) = @_;
 =head1 SEE ALSO
+There's an article about this module in the Perl Advent Calendar of 2006:
+L<File::Find> is the core module for traversing files in perl, which has
+several limitations.
+L<File::Next>, L<File::Find::Iterator>, L<File::Walker> and the unmaintained
+L<File::FTS> are alternatives to this module.
 =head1 LICENSE
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