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Renamed some classes.

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     and ::PathComponent). Most of the methods out of ::Base belong there
     so they were moved. This class inherits from ::Base, but there's not
     a lot there anymore.
+    - Refactoring - renamed ::PathComponent as ::DeepPath and ::PathTop
+    as ::TopPath. Otherwise they could be confused with ::PathComp.
 0.1.5 - Sat Jan  3 17:17:31 IST 2009
     - Unified the two calls to stat() (and several calls to other file

File lib/File/Find/

-package File::Find::Object::PathComponent;
+package File::Find::Object::DeepPath;
 use strict;
 use warnings;
-package File::Find::Object::PathTop;
+package File::Find::Object::TopPath;
 use base 'File::Find::Object::PathComp';
-        File::Find::Object::PathTop->new($tree)
+        File::Find::Object::TopPath->new($tree)
         return "SKIP";
     push @{$self->_dir_stack()}, 
-        File::Find::Object::PathComponent->new(
+        File::Find::Object::DeepPath->new(