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perl-File-Find-Object / Changes

0.1.3 - Wed Nov 12 18:50:49 IST 2008
    - Refactoring: converted _movenext() from pseudo-conditionals
    to polymorphism by making it a method of ->_current().
    - Refactoring: extracted the _next_traverse_to() method.
    - Bug fix (with possible correctness/SECURITY implications):
        - now correctly handling files and directories whose filenames
        are false in Perl - most notable "0".

0.1.2 - Sun Oct 26 12:57:55 IST 2008
    - Corrected the README.
    - Now checking for inodes that are 0, when checking for cyclical trees,
    as a fix for stat() calls on systems that do not support them. This should
    fix Win32 test failures (and bad behaviour in general) like the following:          - http://nntp.x.perl.org/group/perl.cpan.testers/2479582

0.1.1 - Wed Oct 22 12:30:56 IST 2008
    - Potential Security Fix!!! No longer passing a filename directly to
    the format in <<printf (STDERR)>> when warning on a loop.
    - Bug fix - the check for a loop was broken.
    - New Feature - Added the ->next_obj() and ->item_obj() methods
    to return a File::Find::Object::Result object instead of a plain
    - Refactoring:
        - No longer passing $current explicitly from one method to another
        (hello EEK!). Instead, we reference $self->_current()
        - Remmed out the DESTROY method as it was empty.
        - Revamped the _action handling - an array instead of a hash.
        - Created _top and _non_top methods delegated by _is_top using
        - _current_idx() was eliminated - now it's just $#dir_stack.
        - Created a _copy methods to create flat copies of array references.
        - Extracted many methods.
    - Switched Build.PL to inc/Test/Run/Builder.pm - that gives us:
        - ./Build runtest
        - ./Build distruntest
        - ./Build tags

0.1.0 - Wed Mar  5 20:46:27 IST 2008
    - Now handling directories that cannot be opendir()'ed in a graceful
    manner - just not traversing them further.

0.0.9 - Fri Feb 22 20:04:03 IST 2008
    - Now running canonpath() on the targets in the call to 
      File::Find::Object->new. That way, trailing slashes are omitted in
      the results.
    - Allow File::Find::Object to properly accept paths to regular 
      files as input paths. Fixes:
      Thanks to Sergey V Panteleev for reporting the bug.
    - TODO : check behavior on traversing non-existant paths.
        - Done.
    - Now skipping non-existant files.
        - Added a test for it in t/03traverse.t

0.0.8 - Tue Jul 31 16:23:34 IDT 2007
    - added the empty PL_FILES key to the Makefile.PL to avoid running 
    Build.PL on older versions of EU::MM.

0.0.7 - Fri Feb  2 19:03:29 IST 2007
    - moved the tree script under the examples directory.
    - added the LICENSE section to the POD.
    - added t/pod.t and t/pod-coverage.t and made sure the module
      has full POD coverage.
    - added a Build.PL build script to generate a better META.yml file.
    - all of these are Kwalitee improvements.
      ( http://cpants.perl.org/dist/File-Find-Object )
    - Added some links to the main POD documentation for similar modules
      and for the Perl Advent article.

0.0.6 - Tue Nov 28 15:49:23 IST 2006
    - Added the following new interface methods:
        - set_traverse_to
        - get_traverse_to
        - get_current_node_files_list
        - prune
    - Some changes to the internals to accomodate for them.

0.0.5 - Sun Sep  3 23:22:36 IDT 2006
    - Eliminated the F-F-O-internal isa F-F-O relationship.
    - Created accessors for everything - now based on Class::Accessor
    - F-F-O-internal is now named File::Find::Object::PathComponent
    - Some smaller refactorings.

0.0.4 - Wed Aug 23 00:31:39 IDT 2006
    - Eliminated circular references. (Hopefully)
        - Still have an isa relationship between File::Find::Object and
        File::Find::Object::internal, which is what handles each recursed to
    - Created some accessor functions instead of direct hash accesses.

0.0.3 - Fri Jul 14 14:25:42 IDT 2006
    - Fixed some language problems in the POD.
    - Added the Changes file.
    - Changed the license to GPL/Artistic/Artistic-2.0
    - Placed the .pm files inside lib.
    - Added the TreeCreate module under t/lib (with appropriate tests) to test 
    the main module.
    - Made the default test order lexicographical, and predictable. In the 
    process, eliminated keeping the directory handles, and possibly the fact 
    that they are kept open.
    - Fixed a bug where circular references prevented the module from being