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perl-File-Find-Object / Changes

0.1.7 - Thu Jan 15 16:09:49 IST 2009
    - Fixed the check-for-link and for directory semantics on Windows
    and other systems. Converted to "perldoc -f lstat" instead of 
    "perldoc -f stat", and using stat only for symbolic links to check
    if they are directories. Now added a test for that.
        - Fixed t/01ffo.t to check for the warning.
        - Also see: http://www.nntp.perl.org/group/perl.perl5.porters/2009/01/msg143399.html
    - Small optimization: converted a loop with:
    while($ptr) { ... } continue { $ptr = $self->_father($ptr); }
    to List::Util::first.
    - Added more dependencies to Build.PL / Makefile.PL including

0.1.6 - Fri Jan  9 17:49:01 IST 2009
    - Converted the accessor generator to Class::XSAccessor instead
    of Class::Accessor. After consulting Devel::NYTProf, it seemed that
    the majority of the time of a simple File-Find-Object scan was spent
    in Class::Accessor. Hopefully, this will make F-F-O run faster.
    - A small optimization - added a flag to $self with whether the stack
    is full or not. This is used inside _top_it() and _is_top().
    - A small optimization - implemented _current directly instead of
    a _top / _non_top version - saved 2.5 seconds of runtime.
    - A small optimization - got rid of _current_components_copy() (which
    was useless because _current_components already returns a dynamic
    reference) and replaced all calls with calls to _current_components().
    - A small optimization - ->dir() instead of ->_dir_copy() for 
    a function whose return value is dereferenced and flatted.
    - A small optimization - now caching the results of _current_components
    inside an accessor and updating it upon every change.
    - A small optimization - now caching the results of _current_path()
    upon every modification of _current_components, so File::Spec->catfile()
    won't be called excessively.
    - Optimization/Refactoring - changed the actions() handling so instead
    of having the indices, we calculate an array of master actions at
    start that correspond with the depth() parameter, and then assign it for
    each PathComponent object in turn based on $top. This is instead of 
    the indexes and explicit calculations etc., which was both messier
    and slower.
    - Optimization/Refactoring - renamed _current_components() to
    _curr_comps() and _current_path to _curr_path() to make them
    shorter and faster. Added a comment explaining what they are.
    - Optimization/Refactoring - optimized _calc_current_item_obj.
    - Optimization - removed an _is_top() conditional in _recurse() that
    was likely not to be evaluated, by re-arranging the order of _mystat
    call. Now _mystat is not an action, but rather called explicitly.
    _is_top() is now PODded-out because it's not used.
    - Refactoring - made the top path component-handling object a separate
    object (::PathTop) instead of $top/$tree . Hopefully, this will later 
    allow caching _current(), and having a unified directory stack.
    - Refactoring - created a base class for Path-Components (i.e: ::PathTop
    and ::PathComponent). Most of the methods out of ::Base belong there
    so they were moved. This class inherits from ::Base, but there's not
    a lot there anymore.
    - Refactoring - renamed ::PathComponent as ::DeepPath and ::PathTop
    as ::TopPath. Otherwise they could be confused with ::PathComp.
    - Refactoring - made the first ::PathTop component the first element
    in _dir_stack() so we won't need to keep in a distinct reference. All
    the other elements moved 1 level down the stack.
    - Optimization - now caching $top->_dir_stack()->[-1] into 
    $top->_current() as an accessor.

0.1.5 - Sat Jan  3 17:17:31 IST 2009
    - Unified the two calls to stat() (and several calls to other file
    operators) in order to reduce the number of system calls/disk accesses
    issued by File::Find::Object.
    - Refactored the code from the last change and added
    File::Find::Object::Result->stat_ret() for the return value of stat().

0.1.4 - Thu Dec 25 18:27:48 IST 2008
    - Bug fix: made sure ->item_obj() is available on the first call
    to the callback() and is properly synchronized with it.

0.1.3 - Wed Nov 12 18:50:49 IST 2008
    - Refactoring: converted _movenext() from pseudo-conditionals
    to polymorphism by making it a method of ->_current().
    - Refactoring: extracted the _next_traverse_to() method.
    - Bug fix (with possible correctness/SECURITY implications):
        - now correctly handling files and directories whose filenames
        are false in Perl - most notable "0".

0.1.2 - Sun Oct 26 12:57:55 IST 2008
    - Corrected the README.
    - Now checking for inodes that are 0, when checking for cyclical trees,
    as a fix for stat() calls on systems that do not support them. This should
    fix Win32 test failures (and bad behaviour in general) like the following:          - http://nntp.x.perl.org/group/perl.cpan.testers/2479582

0.1.1 - Wed Oct 22 12:30:56 IST 2008
    - Potential Security Fix!!! No longer passing a filename directly to
    the format in <<printf (STDERR)>> when warning on a loop.
    - Bug fix - the check for a loop was broken.
    - New Feature - Added the ->next_obj() and ->item_obj() methods
    to return a File::Find::Object::Result object instead of a plain
    - Refactoring:
        - No longer passing $current explicitly from one method to another
        (hello EEK!). Instead, we reference $self->_current()
        - Remmed out the DESTROY method as it was empty.
        - Revamped the _action handling - an array instead of a hash.
        - Created _top and _non_top methods delegated by _is_top using
        - _current_idx() was eliminated - now it's just $#dir_stack.
        - Created a _copy methods to create flat copies of array references.
        - Extracted many methods.
    - Switched Build.PL to inc/Test/Run/Builder.pm - that gives us:
        - ./Build runtest
        - ./Build distruntest
        - ./Build tags

0.1.0 - Wed Mar  5 20:46:27 IST 2008
    - Now handling directories that cannot be opendir()'ed in a graceful
    manner - just not traversing them further.

0.0.9 - Fri Feb 22 20:04:03 IST 2008
    - Now running canonpath() on the targets in the call to 
      File::Find::Object->new. That way, trailing slashes are omitted in
      the results.
    - Allow File::Find::Object to properly accept paths to regular 
      files as input paths. Fixes:
      Thanks to Sergey V Panteleev for reporting the bug.
    - TODO : check behavior on traversing non-existant paths.
        - Done.
    - Now skipping non-existant files.
        - Added a test for it in t/03traverse.t

0.0.8 - Tue Jul 31 16:23:34 IDT 2007
    - added the empty PL_FILES key to the Makefile.PL to avoid running 
    Build.PL on older versions of EU::MM.

0.0.7 - Fri Feb  2 19:03:29 IST 2007
    - moved the tree script under the examples directory.
    - added the LICENSE section to the POD.
    - added t/pod.t and t/pod-coverage.t and made sure the module
      has full POD coverage.
    - added a Build.PL build script to generate a better META.yml file.
    - all of these are Kwalitee improvements.
      ( http://cpants.perl.org/dist/File-Find-Object )
    - Added some links to the main POD documentation for similar modules
      and for the Perl Advent article.

0.0.6 - Tue Nov 28 15:49:23 IST 2006
    - Added the following new interface methods:
        - set_traverse_to
        - get_traverse_to
        - get_current_node_files_list
        - prune
    - Some changes to the internals to accomodate for them.

0.0.5 - Sun Sep  3 23:22:36 IDT 2006
    - Eliminated the F-F-O-internal isa F-F-O relationship.
    - Created accessors for everything - now based on Class::Accessor
    - F-F-O-internal is now named File::Find::Object::PathComponent
    - Some smaller refactorings.

0.0.4 - Wed Aug 23 00:31:39 IDT 2006
    - Eliminated circular references. (Hopefully)
        - Still have an isa relationship between File::Find::Object and
        File::Find::Object::internal, which is what handles each recursed to
    - Created some accessor functions instead of direct hash accesses.

0.0.3 - Fri Jul 14 14:25:42 IDT 2006
    - Fixed some language problems in the POD.
    - Added the Changes file.
    - Changed the license to GPL/Artistic/Artistic-2.0
    - Placed the .pm files inside lib.
    - Added the TreeCreate module under t/lib (with appropriate tests) to test 
    the main module.
    - Made the default test order lexicographical, and predictable. In the 
    process, eliminated keeping the directory handles, and possibly the fact 
    that they are kept open.
    - Fixed a bug where circular references prevented the module from being