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-name: HTML-Strip-Whitespace
-version: 0.1.6
+abstract: 'Perl extension for stripping whitespace out of'
   - 'Shlomi Fish, E<lt><gt>'
-abstract: |-
-  Perl extension for stripping whitespace out of
-  HTML.
+  Test::More: 0
+  Module::Build: 0.40
+dynamic_config: 1
+generated_by: 'Module::Build version 0.4003, CPAN::Meta::Converter version 2.120921'
 license: mit
-  license:
+  url:
+  version: 1.4
+name: HTML-Strip-Whitespace
+  HTML::Strip::Whitespace:
+    file: lib/HTML/Strip/
+    version: v0.1.6
+  HTML::Strip::Whitespace::State:
+    file: lib/HTML/Strip/
+    version: 0
   Exporter: 0
   HTML::TokeParser::Simple: 0
   strict: 0
   vars: 0
   warnings: 0
-  Test::More: 0
-  HTML::Strip::Whitespace:
-    file: lib/HTML/Strip/
-    version: 0.1.6
-  HTML::Strip::Whitespace::State:
-    file: lib/HTML/Strip/
-generated_by: Module::Build version 0.2808
-  url:
-  version: 1.2
+  license:
+version: v0.1.6
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