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Fix a typo.

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 Revision history for Perl extension Shlomif::NavMenu.
+1.0701    Sun  9 Dec 17:43:23 IST 2012
+    - Fix typo: https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=81840
+        - Thanks to GUIMARD and lintian.
 1.0700    Sun  9 Dec 15:22:06 IST 2012
     - Add the li_id attribute to the tree's nodes to add an id="..." attribute
     to the <li> tags.

File module/lib/HTML/Widgets/NavMenu/Tree/Iterator.pm

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 =head2 $self->get_node_from_sub()
-This function can be overriden to generate a node from the sub-nodes
+This function can be overridden to generate a node from the sub-nodes
 returned by get_node_subs() in a different way than the default.