perl-HTML-Widgets-NavMenu / TODO

* Use Build.PL instead of Makefile.PL. (?)

* Make 'expand_always', 'expand_cb' directives.

* Build a non-unit test of the homepage and perl-begin.

* Upload an initial version (marked with _) to CPAN in order to
"liqbo'a uvdoth bashetakh".

* Restore the abs_url directive only as use_abs_url or whatever.

* Add an option to link to the pages as:

1. By relative URLs. (../../../hello/world/yes.html)

2. By site-abs URLs (/hoola/hello/world/yes.html)

3. By fully qualified URLs (

* Make the module support URLs with CGI GET parameters properly.

* Write the "SEE ALSO" section of the POD document. (cover the other
similar modules)

* Write full documentation for the module.