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Bumped the version number to 2.55

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+2008-09-24 Shlomi Fish <>
 	* Fixed: :
 	Problem with connect to IPv4 w/o given domain on FreeBSD6.1 (and
-	other BSD systems).
+	other BSD systems). (Thanks to Steffen Ullrich)
+	* New Release IO-Socket-INET6-2.55
 2008-02-22 Shlomi Fish <>
 	* Added pack_sockaddr_in6_all to the imports from Socket6 to fix


 use Errno;
 @ISA = qw(IO::Socket);
-$VERSION = "2.54";
+$VERSION = "2.55";
 #Purpose: allow protocol independent protocol and original interface.
 my $EINVAL = exists(&Errno::EINVAL) ? Errno::EINVAL() : 1;
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