perl-Mail-LMLM / modules / Mail-LMLM / Changes

    - Convert t/use.t to Test::More and use_ok().
        - it previously used and plain ok()s after use statements.
        - is no longer recommended.
    - Enhance the Build.PL with keywords, resources, requires and build_requires.

0.6801    ( Fri Feb 26 13:20:42 IST 2010 )
    - Correct the Google groups' mailing list homepage.

0.6800    ( Tue Feb 23 22:56:49 IST 2010 )
    - Fix the Google Groups behaviour. (It was completely broken beforehand).
        - We need some t/*.t tests.

0.6700    ( Tue Feb 23 22:34:27 IST 2010 )
    - Fix the building of the rpm using rpmbuild -tb Mail-LMLM-0.6600.tar.gz

0.6600:   ( Tue Feb 23 22:24:23 IST 2010 )
    - Add support for Google Groups mailing lists (under the "google" type).

0.6500:   ( Thu Jul 23 18:04:02 IDT 2009 )
    - Added the -owner address to mailman.
0.6400:   ( Wed Mar  7 21:13:01 IST 2007 )
    - Kwalitee improvements:
        - Added pod.t and pod-coverage.t files.
        - Added full POD coverage.
        - Added a Build.PL file.
        - Changed the COPYRIGHT POD section to LICENSE

0.6300:   ( Tue Apr 25 09:49:24 IDT 2006 )
    - Added id="" attributes to the sections.

    - RPM .spec fixes for new versions of Mandriva.
    - Fixed the script.

    Processed the prolog and epilog parameters in Mail::LMLM.

    Upgraded the minor version number to a stable version.

    Added MANIFEST to itself.

    Added the RPM Spec file.

    Added a t/use.t test and made sure the objects were moved to blib 
    during the installation.

    The version is now read from instead of the ver.txt
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