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Added a note about the optimization.

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     "build_requires" inside the Build.PL in accordance to the rule that
     modules that are required to run the module after building should be
     in "requires".
+    - Added a note about the optimization's side-effects in the known bugs.
 0.01       Tue Jan  9 14:55:14 IST 2007
     - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.


 Shlomi Fish, C<< <shlomif at> >>
+=head1 KNOWN BUGS
+The module may yield different sequences with its "factor in between"
+optimization than without it. The last number (= the Graham function)
+is the same, but the numbers in between are different. A future release
+will provide a flag to disable that optimization.
 =head1 BUGS
 Please report any bugs or feature requests to
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