perl-Statistics-Descriptive / .hgtags

11ef05c19d9ffab19cb36a02cd8c99f10507bd9c releases/2.7
08db45d6418ea3bb3d758fbd21ac59ce0190907a releases/2.8
91f63c763788f5fd4eedbb50658b971a7188fa28 releases/2.9
996a5b28da5420872806bcad2bc278e1ee00037c releases/3.0000
fec68422c58b5ce66bc98d0fdc4f092df54cd568 releases/3.0100
fcc7382428933b95b0d057589f4b0cb6030e3258 releases/3.0101
bdb6b72e7a19ee63816b30e5c0f56c4cef4e20c8 releases/3.0102
b3b95c21684fa2e7d9b645e4ad74a7d7c76cd11d releases/3.0200
40000e78f479a30ff39a87285199eed6d1d51209 releases/3.0201
1a824cbbbd5862e94521db5687d11aaaf7be362c releases/3.0202
b6a731a093edb861f584127f80a449d581880b3b releases/3.0203
c9baa57eaf03f76e290c65acbab8c72482d9ad23 releases/3.0300
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