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Bumped the version number and updated the TODO list.

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 #XXXXXXX This is a prototype!!!  It will change in the future!!! XXXXX#
 name:         SVN-RaWeb-Light
-version:      0.1.2
+version:      0.2.0
 version_from: lib/SVN/RaWeb/
 installdirs:  site
-* Write documentation.
-* Bump the version number to 0.2.0.
-* Put on CPAN.
+* Fix the bug with the ?rev=${HEAD} leading to a no-URL and other rev=
+  related bugs.
 * Implement Caching.


 use vars qw($VERSION);
-$VERSION = '0.1.2';
+$VERSION = '0.2.0';
 use CGI;