Anonymous committed 68f9ce7

Bumped the version number and updated the changes in preparation for the
0.0106 release.

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 Revision history for Test-Run-CmdLine
-0.0106      [NOT RELEASED YET!!!]
+0.0106      Sat Jun 23 13:22:16 IDT 2007
     * Placed the runprove trapping functionality in 
     lib/Test/Run/CmdLine/Trap/ for easy re-use by the
+    * Added lib/Test/Run/CmdLine/Prove/ as a standalone -M command
+    line module implementing the "runprove" functionality. 
+        - Also useful for testing - see below.
+        - converted runprove to use it.
+    * Added lib/Test/Run/CmdLine/Trap/ for testing
+    the ::Prove::App Module-App, so we won't rely on "runprove"
+    being in the path.
 0.0105      Mon Jun 11 14:52:44 IDT 2007
     * Now prove does not barf with weird errors when ran with no arguments.


 use vars (qw($VERSION));
-$VERSION = '0.0105';
+$VERSION = '0.0106';
 use vars (qw(@ISA));
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