Shlomi Fish avatar Shlomi Fish committed 7f03cd2

Tagging the task as Task-Test-Run-AllPlugins-0.0101

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 74652569f05b691608411e58a36ef4ba900654e0 releases/modules/Test-Run-CmdLine/0.0125
 0e9342fdca249c24c42cd1a7f910edf74c1002b9 releases/modules/plugins/backend/Test-Run-Plugin-AlternateInterpreters/0.0122
 cf0712b25a7d0fb12798cd23c8407c786ca23969 releases/modules/plugins/backend/Test-Run-Plugin-TrimDisplayedFilenames/0.0123
+1d5143ca07b50de57bd6ae37e5a033227307a967 Task-Test-Run-AllPlugins-0.0101
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