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Refer to Test::EOL.

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 This module is used to test for lack of trailing space. See the synopsis
 for more details.
+B<NOTE:> there is an older CPAN distribution titled L<Test::EOL> that also
+supports testing for trailing space / trailing whitespace, although it
+has some limitations that L<Test::TrailingSpace> does not have, and also
+only calls it "trailing whitespace", rather than "trailing space".
+Whenever possible, one should prefer to use it, instead of this module.
 =head1 METHODS
 =head2 new({ root => ".", filename_regex => qr/\. ... \z/,})
 Shlomi Fish, L<> .
+=head1 SEE ALSO
+=over 4
+=item * Test::EOL
 Copyright 2012 Shlomi Fish.