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Revision history for Text::Sprintf::Named

0.0401  Thu May 24 08:58:19 IDT 2012
        * Fix the POD to contain an "=encoding utf8" directive (for correctness
        and to appease Pod::Simple 3.21.
            - see

0.0400  Sun May  6 23:16:50 IDT 2012
        * Add a named_sprintf() export for convenient one-off non-OOP
            - Tested in t/04-procedural-iface.t
        * Add more implicit requirements for Build.PL.
        * Convert the distribution to Test::Run::Builder (which allows for
        "./Build runtest" and "./Build distruntest").
        * Add keywords and resources to META.json/META.yml.
        * Add the "SIMILAR MODULES" section to the documentation.

0.0301  Thu Sep 10 14:11:07 IDT 2009
        * Bumped the required version number of Test::Warn to 0.21.
            - Thanks to Eric Wilhelm!

0.0300  Mon Feb 23 13:04:35 IST 2009
        * Added warnings when used arguments are not specified in the %args.
            - See the t/03-incomplete.t test file.
            - Thanks to kent\n!

0.0203  Sat Jan 10 21:27:31 IST 2009
        * Corrected two more code typos in the synopsis.
            - Thanks to kent\n!

0.0202  Sat Jan 10 21:22:20 IST 2009
        * Corrected the synopsis to say ->format({args => \%args})
        instead of ->format(\%args) which was incorrect.
            - Thanks to kent\n!

0.0201  Thu Aug 21 21:25:11 IDT 2008
        * Changed the Build.PL license from 'bsd' to 'mit'.
        * Added create_makefile_pl => 'passthrough' to Build.PL to
        generate a Makefile.PL in the distribution.
            - this is to settle systems that don't have Moudle-Build
        * Revised the licensing information in the POD.

0.02    Fri Apr 20 09:20:15 IDT 2007
        Added the customisation of the named parameter, to determine
        how to calculate it. (see calc_param()).

0.01    TODO : Fill the time.
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
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