Shlomi Fish  committed 043f526

Add minimal dep on v0.2.2.

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File XML-Grammar-Vered/Changes

     - Get rid of Makefile.PL.
         - It doesn't handle three digit version ("vX.Y.Z")
         dependencies too well.
+    - Add minimal dependency on v0.2.2 on XML-GrammarBase.
+        - To fix test failures due to old and broken libxml2 versions.
 v0.0.4  2013-02-20
     - Add MANIFEST.SKIP and got rid of packed-up temporary files (*~).

File XML-Grammar-Vered/lib/XML/Grammar/

 use MooX qw/late/;
-use XML::GrammarBase::Role::RelaxNG v0.2.1;
-use XML::GrammarBase::Role::XSLT v0.2.1;
+use XML::GrammarBase::Role::RelaxNG v0.2.2;
+use XML::GrammarBase::Role::XSLT v0.2.2;
 our $VERSION = '0.0.4';