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Revision history for XML-GrammarBase

v0.2.0  2013-01-20
        - Add support for XSLT parameters into the XSLT role.

v0.1.5  2013-01-18
        - More fixes to the tests and Unicode handling.
            - Test for properly emitting Unicode characters.

v0.1.4  2013-01-15
        - Add t/cpan-changes.t and tweaked "Changes" (= this file

v0.1.3   2013-01-15
         - lib/XML/GrammarBase/Role/ : add the
         _calc_parser method that can be overrided for calculating and
         returning the XML::LibXML parser.

         - Fix module_base to only accept a distribution directory
         style (e.g: "XML-Grammar-MyGrammar" rather than the wrong
         "XML::Grammar::MyGrammar" which File::ShareDir's dist_dir did
         not like).
            - add a check for it in Moo using isa => ...

v0.1.2   2013-01-05
         - Add t/01libxml-basic.t for diag()s for libxml2 and XML::LibXML
         (so we'll know which versions of them are failing).
         - Add scripts/ .

v0.1.1   2013-01-03
         - Add keywords and resources to the META.yml / META.json.

v0.1.0   2013-01-03
         - Add the 'encoding' parameter for output_as_chars() vs.

v0.0.3   2012-12-29
         - Change a wrong synopsis - it was "use Any::Moose;" instead of
         "use MooX 'late';".

v0.0.2   2012-12-25
         - Convert to «use MooX::Role 'late';» instead of the previous
            - it broke the tests on many CPAN smokers and on a fresh perl

v0.0.1  2012-12-03
        - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.