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 Revision history for XML-GrammarBase
+v0.1.6  2013-01-20
+        - Add support for XSLT parameters into the XSLT role.
 v0.1.5  2013-01-18
         - More fixes to the tests and Unicode handling.
             - Test for properly emitting Unicode characters.


 as C<'utf8'> (the deafult - using L<XML::LibXSLT>'s
 output_as_chars()) or as C<'bytes'> - using its output_as_bytes() .
+An optional 'xslt_params' parmater allows one to specify a hash of XSLT
 =head2 BUILD


     my $is_string = ($medium eq 'string');
     my $is_dom = ($medium eq 'dom');
+    my $xslt_params = $args->{xslt_params} || {};
     if ($is_string or $is_dom)
-        my $results = $stylesheet->transform($source_dom);
+        my $results = $stylesheet->transform($source_dom, %$xslt_params);
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