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 Revision history for XML-GrammarBase
+0.1.0    Thu  3 Jan 13:33:10 IST 2013
+         Add the 'encoding' parameter for output_as_chars() vs.
+         output_as_bytes().
 0.0.3    Sat 29 Dec 22:26:34 IST 2012
          Change a wrong synopsis - it was "use Any::Moose;" instead of
          "use MooX 'late';".


 L<XML::LibXML> DOM object. If it is a hash ref then it specifies a
 C<'file'> or a C<'fh'> with a filepath or filehandle respectively.
+An optional C<'encoding'> parameter determines if one should output the string
+as C<'utf8'> (the deafult - using L<XML::LibXSLT>'s
+output_as_chars()) or as C<'bytes'> - using its output_as_bytes() .
 =head2 BUILD


     my ($self, $args) = @_;
     my $output_format = $args->{output_format};
+    my $encoding = ($args->{encoding} || 'utf8');
     my $source_dom = $self->_get_dom_from_source($args);
     my $stylesheet_method = "_to_${output_format}_stylesheet";
             ? $results
-            : $stylesheet->output_string($results)
+            : ($encoding eq 'bytes')
+            ? $stylesheet->output_as_bytes($results)
+            : $stylesheet->output_as_chars($results)
     elsif (ref($medium) eq 'HASH')
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