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Revision history for XML-GrammarBase

         Add t/01libxml-basic.t for diag()s for libxml2 and XML::LibXML
         (so we'll know which versions of them are failing).

0.1.1    Thu  3 Jan 13:39:42 IST 2013
         Add keywords and resources to the META.yml / META.json.

0.1.0    Thu  3 Jan 13:33:10 IST 2013
         Add the 'encoding' parameter for output_as_chars() vs.

0.0.3    Sat 29 Dec 22:26:34 IST 2012
         Change a wrong synopsis - it was "use Any::Moose;" instead of
         "use MooX 'late';".

0.0.2    Tue 25 Dec 14:51:32 IST 2012
         Convert to «use MooX::Role 'late';» instead of the previous
            - it broke the tests on many CPAN smokers and on a fresh perl

0.0.1    Sun 23 Dec 19:03:43 IST 2012
         First version, released on an unsuspecting world.