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     a C function.
         - resolves
         - thanks to Vadim / VKON.
+    - Fix :
+        - "install_sax_driver doesn't like custom INSTALLARCHLIB"
+        - thanks to Milki from U.Cal Berkeley.
 1.81            Sat Jul 16 18:30:02 IDT 2011
     - Add scripts/ to remove the explicit objects dependency on 
      $script .= <<"INSTALL";
 install_sax_driver :
-\t\@\$(PERL) -I\$(INSTALLSITELIB) -MXML::SAX -e "XML::SAX->add_parser(q(XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser))->save_parsers()"
-\t\@\$(PERL) -I\$(INSTALLSITELIB) -MXML::SAX -e "XML::SAX->add_parser(q(XML::LibXML::SAX))->save_parsers()"
+\t\@\$(PERL) -I\$(INSTALLSITELIB) -I\$(INSTALLSITEARCH) -MXML::SAX -e "XML::SAX->add_parser(q(XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser))->save_parsers()"
+\t\@\$(PERL) -I\$(INSTALLSITELIB) -I\$(INSTALLSITEARCH) -MXML::SAX -e "XML::SAX->add_parser(q(XML::LibXML::SAX))->save_parsers()"
    } else {
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