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Code-style plus t/-test for 984c99d192a5

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     $self->[$pos - 1];
-sub item {
-	my $self = CORE::shift;
-	my ($pos) = @_;
-	$self->[$pos];
+sub item
+    my ($self, $pos) = @_;
+    return $self->[$pos];
 sub get_nodelist {
 use strict;
 use warnings;
-use Test::More tests => 26;
+use Test::More tests => 27;
 use XML::LibXML;
 use IO::Handle;
 ok($dom, ' TODO : Add test name');
+	my $nodelist = $dom->documentElement->childNodes;
+	# 0 is #text
+	is($nodelist->item(1)->nodeName, 'BBB', 'item is 0-indexed');
 my @nodelist = $dom->findnodes('//BBB');
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