Shlomi Fish avatar Shlomi Fish committed 1d23902

Fix build with non-standard libxml2 installation.

RT #80332.

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 Revision history for Perl extension XML::LibXML
+2.0008          Mon 22 Oct 12:09:11 IST 2012
+    - Fix build error when using non-standard libxml2 installation
+        -
+        - Thanks to L RW for the report.
 2.0007          Wed 17 Oct 18:38:37 IST 2012
     - Fix for build failures on Windows with Microsoft Visual C++.
+        LIBS => $config{LIBS},
         # fill in what you prompted the user for here
         lib => [$lib_name],
         incpath => [split(/\s/,$incpath)],
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